ainslie wellness

Your need. Your hope. Your success.

  • Is the joy and fulfillment your relationship once brought you fading?
  • Is the connection you once felt with your partner now less strong due to constant disagreements?
  • Are your life goals together no longer aligned?
  • Do you feel alone in your relationship team?
  • Do you feel like your partner is more like a roommate?
  • Have life stressors impacted your intimacy and closeness in your relationship?
  • Do you feel like you no longer recognize the person you committed to in your partner?
  • Has infidelity caused the trust to erode in your relationship?
  • Are you feeling burned out by your career, school, relationship or family commitments?

  • Does your pursuit of perfectionism keep you chasing after a goals that never seem to be attained?

  • Are you experiencing “bumps” in your relationships more often than not?

  • Does your body image impact how you view yourself and how you function day-to-day?

  • Have you been diagnosed with ADHD and wondering, “Now what?”

  • Have you accomplished school or career goals and now experiencing “imposter syndrome?”

  • Are you told you “have it all” but you feel lonely and isolated?

  • Are you experiencing lower self-esteem associated with aging?

  • Are you feeling unsure about how to adapt to new lifestyle changes?

  • Have you experienced significant losses that feel overwhelming?

  • Are you experiencing feelings of overwhelming anger, humiliation, and helplessness?

  • Do you feel isolated and misunderstood by your family members?

  • Are you experiencing fear of loss of control over your body and environment?

  • Are you experiencing feelings of conflict between the wish to be cared for and the need to be in control of your life?

J. Stanford,

"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of mind."